5 Things single women should REALLY be looking for in “A Man”

Yes, we've all heard it before, 3 things to look for in a "good" man, 4 things to look for in a marrying man, etc, etc, and etc and they all seem like good advice, but 9 times out of 10 most of the items in these lists are superficial and very rarely ever about a man’s character.  

Of course it's great to find a 6 foot tall, dark eyed, olive completion Adonis of a man, but,… and here is the BIG BUT,…does his outside beauty really match with his inside?

I've been a matchmaker for a few of my friends and some have even lead to marriages (one unfortunately to a divorce… hey nothing’s fail-proof.) But one thing I've always believed is that most women today tend to ask for surface or superficial characteristics in a man when they really should be looking for deeper qualities and inner characteristics.

I’ve been married for going on 23 years now and even though I do believe my husband is the finest thing that walks this earth, I’ve grown to realize that his outside beauty is NOT the thing that has kept me with him and …here it is… that has kept me HAPPILY IN LOVE with him.

The things that have kept me in love with him are his deep rooted personality and character traits, like how he really cares that he is a man of his word and how he will work hard to take care of his family and how he makes me laugh every single day. These personality traits about him have not only kept me with him but have kept both of us happy and still in love to this day.  

So listed below are 5 characteristics I believe every women looking for a "Good man" (possibly Husband) should be looking for when they are considering a long term relationship; and remember no list is ever all-inclusive, but this is a great place to start. 

1.     He is equally loyal to everyone in his life (family, friends, co-workers)! If he’s loyal to others, he will be loyal to you! (This one is simple and to the point) 

2.     Respects the sanctity of marriage! If you are tired of playing games and really looking for someone to settle down with then you need to make sure he takes the sanctity of marriage seriously. 9 times out of 10 if he takes marriage seriously he will take the vows seriously. 

3.     He is a handshake-promise type of guy! In previous generations your word was all you had to prove to someone that you were an honest person. If you said something you meant it and you stuck to it. This is the type of guy you can trust. He cares about how he is viewed in life thus meaning he will care about how he looks to you as well.   

4.     Makes you laugh! Whoever said “laughter is medicine to the soul,” couldn’t have said truer words. Laughing is not only mentally therapeutic but it improves your over all health and lively-hood. If you can find a man that makes you laugh or at least laughs with you then you have found someone who doesn’t take life too seriously. He understands the adventure in life and doesn’t mind taking the journey, mistakes and all with you. 

5.     He is Philanthropic! If you find a man that cares about humanity as a whole he will always care about you at heart!

So ladies remember no man is perfect, but the main goal in meeting a man who is worth your time and effort is to look for inner characteristics and qualities that last a lifetime. Physical features are relevant to your desires but never let the physical be your deciding factor. Pound for pound a heart of gold is worth more than a six foot tall six pack! 

As Always,

Remember, Relationships Do Matter!

Toinette Neube