"5 Things to do to live a Life of Happiness!"

Searching for happiness is like searching for the fountain of youth; never ending, and seemingly inevitable to find.

Everyone from celebrities to a normal working class people seem to be on the hunt for happiness; they search for it in everything from gaining riches and finances to acquiring fame and even trying to find it in drugs and vitamins.

But after years of searching for this thing called “Happiness” for myself, I’ve found out two things: 1.Joy and Happiness are not one in the same (more on this in another blog) and 2. Happiness can be found, even though it is fleeting!

Yes, you heard me right Happiness can be obtained. It may come and go, but with a consistent and focused lifestyle of trying to obtain and maintain “Happiness” one can achieve it on a constant basis!

Without getting into statistics and being too scientific about it, research has proven that our body produces on it’s on several chemicals and hormones that can help to induce, incite and ignite “Happiness” in our lives. These chemicals/hormones are produced by our body when we perform certain task or activities or obtain certain habits; and just like anything in life if and when we put our mind to doing these things on a consistent bases we get results!

In short, if you begin to incorporate the habits and activities listed below into your lives on a regular basis, you will begin to fire off and produce these chemicals/hormones in your body on a consistent basis and dependable bouts of “Happiness” will be yours for a Lifetime!

1.      Exercise daily!

Exercising ignites endorphins and adrenaline. These chemicals/hormones don’t necessarily make you feel good, but they aid in keeping pain levels down and that alone can keep you up and moving and excited about life.  

2.      Surround yourself with a positive loving circle of family and friends!

Having regular contact, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual (etc) contact with those you love and who love you back produces what is known as the “Trust” and “Love” hormone called Oxytocin.

3.      Think positive thoughts!

Getting into the habit of thinking positive thoughts can produce the hormone Serotonin in your body. This hormone is known as “The Happiness” Hormone.

4.      Get out into the Sunlight on a daily basis if possible!

Serotonin is such an important hormone I feel it’s worth doing everything possible to produce more of it in your life. Hence I feel it’s worth mentioning twice! I mean it isn’t called “The Happiness Hormone” for nothing! There a reason that more people flock to sunny places to live and vacation like Florida or the Caribbean Islands. Yes, the water has a lot to do with it, but the consistent sunny weather has a lot to do with it as well. Not only does Sunlight produce Serotonin but it is the biggest producer of vitamin D in our bodies. So drink up some Sun! 

5.      Set daily, weekly, monthly & even yearly goals!

Setting goals and striving to achieve them produces a chemical/hormone known as Dopamine. This hormone is known as “The Pleasure Hormone”.  When you make, set and strive to achieve goals in your life, this stimulates pleasurable chemicals in you. This hormone is believed to be pleasurable because setting goals and achievements provides a purpose for you and this in turn makes you “Happy!”

So there it is! Your road map to Happiness! Don’t forget nothing in life is fail-proof, but if you incorporate these routines and activities into your life, you will have at least begun the process and that, my friend is half the battle on your road to Happiness!

Remember, Relationships Do Matter!

Always with Grace,

Toinette Neube

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