"How to tell the difference between Friendships that last for a reason, a season or a lifetime?!"

If you are like most people in life I’m sure you’ve loved and lost several times during life; and when I say loved and lost I don’t mean boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands or wives; I’m talking about plain ole friendships! Yes, those men and women we tell our deepest darkest secrets to only to pray they never come to surface anywhere else in life and unfortunately those people we tend to lose over the years because of one of life’s many issues and mishaps!

Well, I am a believer of the school that “everything happens for a reason”! Yup, even friendships gained and lost!

I also believe that not every friendship in life was meant to last for a lifetime. I believe people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime, and I have listed below 3 tips to help you decipher whether a friend is for a reason, a season or a life time.

1.       If they come into your life but you feel you have nothing in common with them, but you can’t bring yourself to cut off the connection because you feel there is just something about them that needs you or you need them. This friendship is for a reason!

2.       If they come into your life and after some time has passed, maybe it’s a year, 2 years or even 10 years, but something about the friendship has changed and you guys just can’t seem to gel anymore. The amount of time you used to hang out starts to diminish, the phone calls start to cease or you just don’t like to do the same things or talk about the same stuff any longer. This friendship was for a season. (Examples: single friends, married friends, friends with kids when you don’t have any, work friends, etc)

3.       Friends who have been there for you through the span of numerous events in your life. This doesn’t mean you guys haven’t had your differences or even had spaces in time where you weren’t that close, but you found your way back to each other and it seems like nothing has changed. These friends knew you when you were at your worst but still accept you at your best! They may have known you from childhood, but they still accept the adult or person you have turned into today! These friends are for a lifetime!

So in re-evaluating your life... because I can see your wheels turning after reading this blog... how many friendships can you place into one of these categories? Not only does realizing people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime helpful for future friendships, but it's also helpful for pass ones as well. Maybe now you can see why this person came into your life and has now gone, or the reason this person stayed inspite of not having things in common with them or better yet, why your "Life-long Friends" are just that, "Life-long"! 

So, in recapping, we all know that friendships can last for a reason, a season, or a lifetime! My hope and desire is that everyone in life is able to experience having at least one person in their life as that lifetime friend! And if you are lucky enough as I am to have several lifetime friends then you are doubly blessed and I hope you don’t take it for granted!

Love, Kisses and Teacups!

Always In His Grace,

Toinette Neube