“Living single in a “social” society!” Tips and advice in social networking and dating in society Today!

Do you remember “Sex in the City!”, the phenomenon show that started in the late 90’s that was the definition of what it was like to be sexy, living in the city and single? I think that show was probably every girls dream of what it should be like to be single! Living a fabulous life in a big city filled with a buffet of other single people with your single girlfriends at your beck and call! The show made being single a desired thing of the time! But as time moved on even those girls got to a place in life where they desired to be married and got tired of the rat race of looking for a partner.

Marriage is great and a great thing to desire, but let’s be real, we know everyone is not going to get married or even find a partner with whom they will spend the rest of their lives.

But…. Has the invention of the internet and “social networking” or “social dating” made the chances of finding a significant other a any easier? Have dating sites and apps and even non-dating specific sites such as Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter made finding your soul mate more accessible?

According to research conducted by Pew research center and Tumblr, a microblogging site, online dating, social networking or social dating as it is affectionately called, has not necessarily gotten "better" with the advent of these services, but they have made dating easier. 

So, seeing that the internet or social network dating has made dating easier, in spite of not making it "better", more and more advice and tips on becoming better at surfing the internet for sites, apps and just dates in general, are in demand.

Listed below are 3 tips about internet dating that many internet dating experts agree to keep in mind if you are using social media to find your soul mate. The tips aren’t about how to effectively use the internet for dating but they are reminders that using the internet may be the easiest way to connect with people and find a date, but it does not mean it’s always the best and only way!

1.       Just because we are in a social or internet driven society, don’t be afraid to experiment with different or even antiquated ways of finding a date. If you have been doing the same thing or trying to find a date in the same way for a lifetime then try something different. Don’t be afraid to get set up by your friends, or try dating clubs or church or secular singles groups. You can still use dating apps or websites but don't get stuck on them. And as with everything in life, always use wisdom and caution with technology and the web!.

2.       Be open-minded beyond your list and beyond what you see on his or her internet profile. Now this is not to say that you should settle for anything that comes along, but be open for the fact that what God has for you may not be packaged the way you thought it would be packaged. The use of the internet has made physical appearance one of the first things people look for in choosing dates. Remember, You may be looking for someone tall, dark, with brown-eyes, but you may find someone who is tall, light and has black-eyes. He may have all of the other attributes on your list, but missing only a few. Don't be so focused on getting exactly what you want until you miss the fact that he or she is only off by one characteristic or trait! 

3.       Remember "One" is a whole number. You complete yourself! With so much focus today on being coupled or married, you have to remember you do not need a man or woman to complete you or your life! This is not to say you cannot pray for a spouse or partner, but you must remember that if you do not find that perfect mate, you are still WHOLE!

So, remember social or online dating may be here to stay, but you should never abandon the old way of dating or even trying antiquated methods of finding your soul mate. Always be open-minded to other traits or characteristics your soul mate may have or to them lacking in one or two areas, and never forget how to be “Whole” or complete in life without a mate, even though you may be “Single in a social society!

Love, Kisses and Teacups!

Always in His Grace!

Toinette Neube