“Keeping Date Night Alive after Marriage!”

If you are like most married couples once you say “I Do”, that's the exact time “You don’t”. You don’t keep paying as much attention to each other, you don’t say "I Love you" as much, you don’t hold hands as much, and you don’t keep dating each other the way you did before you got married.

Keeping Date Night alive after marriage is not an easy task, especially with taking little Kylie to gymnastics on Monday, Little Brian to baseball on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, little Alora to dance class on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, little Tyree to acting on Saturdays and then book club and Scout meeting on Friday nights back to back, Whew! That’s a lot to write, let alone think about doing; but believe it or not that is a lot of my friends reality. And to think about putting a date night for my “Selfish” self at the end of all that!?!?! There is NO WAY!

Yes, Yes, I realize it’s hard to keep having dates in the midst of family, work and just life as a married couple; but I’m here to tell you, if you don’t keep date night a priority, before you know it, the family, work and married life you are trying so hard to keep in tack will diminish right before your eyes. And thinking of something to do on those date nights when you aren't used to having them in the first place, is even more taxing on your mind and life!

So, I'm here to help! Listed below are 5 suggestions to help you start to put date night back into your life! It doesn’t have to cost a lot, take a lot of time (even though before you know it, you will be enjoying it so much until you will want more time), and you don’t have to do it every week, but try to start off with at least twice a month if nothing else. After a few times of incorporating date night into your busy calendar, you will begin to wonder how your marriage even survived this long without it?!

Date Night Ideas:

1.       Dinner and a movie:Pretty Self-explanatory!

2.       Dollar store dates: Dollar stores dates are date nights on a budget; basically, they are dates that don’t cost a lot, but you are getting out of the house to spend quality time together. I call them dollar store dates because my husband and I used to go to the Dollar store not far from our home and stroll the isles hand in hand while talking and laughing about everything from buying dollar store band medicine to serious things like where we’d like to move in 2 to 3 years. Whatever came up we talked about and held hands while walking and talking, and it was magical! 

3.       Picnic and a fire pit: Make dinner at home, spread a blanket on the floor and light a fire in the fire place. If you don’t have a fire place and if you have cable TV, find a nice romantic scenery channel or just play some music in the back ground, and have a romantic evening at home.

4.       A quiet evening sitting in front of a beautiful spot! This spot could be sitting in your car in front of a lake or river, it could be sitting at a park and looking at the scenery, it could be sitting in front of a monument or just a baseball park! Wherever it is, just make it special by talking to each other, reminiscing about the past (good times or victorious trials) and even dreaming about the future.

5.       A car ride away from home: Sometimes you don’t have to stop and park, just taking a ride into the city can do the trick. We live in the DC metro area, but not directly in the city, so sometimes we will get into the car and just take a 20-minute ride into DC just to talk and do something different. Sometimes we get out the car, but most times we don’t, and we head back home. It’s not expensive, it’s not a long night out, but it’s quality time and we enjoy the time alone for about an hour and a half or so.

So, in essence, date night can be whatever you want it to be! The key is that it’s just you and your spouse! As much fun as it is to include another couple or two every now and then, make sure you make time for date nights where it’s just you and your spouse at least once or at best twice a month. You see it’s not the cost of the date, it’s not the location of the date and believe it or not it’s not the amount of times you have it, if the quality of the time is right; but it is the value of the undivided attention, laughter, commitment and the love you put into the date night that makes it special and always memorable!! 

Love, Kisses and Teacups!

Always in His Grace!

Toinette Neube