I’d rather be an Eagle who soars alone (even though I don’t) than birds of a feather that flock together!!!

If all you are looking for in life is fame, recognition and a sense of connectivity, then follow the crowd, do what others do, say what others say, and believe what others believe; but if you are looking for something deeper, something more meaningful in life, something called “God’s will for your life”, then follow your heart!

So many times people say, “I just want God’s will for my life”; but they are afraid to step out on faith and follow His will, sometimes it’s for fear of lack of support, fear of lack of encouragement, fear of lack of followers, fear of failure or worst, fear of the dreaded question…”What if this really isn’t God’s will for me,” for some reason people give in when they have to tread things alone!

Well I’m here to tell you that all those fears are real and they can hinder and stop you from “walking on water” being a “pioneer” and…. doing “God’s will for your life”, but they are all worth the sacrifice when you know you are doing what God has called you to do; the support will come, the encouragement will be there when you need it, the followers… well my take on that is, they shouldn’t be following you anyway, they should be following Christ; but God knows your heart and if you need them to come, they will come too!   

As humans we have a tendency to think of fear as something big and scary like bungee jumping or going swimming if you are afraid of the water; or even going into a scary house, but in reality fear is very subtle and can attack you in ways you wouldn’t even consider.

There was a time in my life when I was afraid to step out and walk on water. I was afraid because of what people thought, I was afraid because of the fear of being alone, I was afraid because of what looked like rebellion to others, but one thing I wasn’t afraid of was that I wasn’t doing “God’s will for my life!!!”

You see I’ve always known the voice of God in my life, not because I am just that cocky, but because I believe what scripture says, “The steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord,” (Psalms 37:23) “I will never leave you nor forsake you,” (Deuteronomy 31:6) and “My sheep know my voice”(John 10:27)! I know His voice and I’ve always known His voice in my life, and I’ve always believed that He would never lead me astray!

Yes, it can get a bit lonely and scary at times doing God’s will for my life, but I’ve always done what God has called me to do and guess what it has ALWAYS worked out; from marrying the right man, to being a stay-at-home mom when I wanted to work, to becoming a counselor, to writing books, to making investments, to working with the homeless and making it my mission in life….to becoming a minister of His GRACE!

You see years ago I accepted the call on my life to become a minister, despite, not having the traditional look, the age, being a female, and being a teacher and not a preacher, but I have to be honest I really didn’t know what I was walking into. I just felt the call and answered, well low and behold, I didn’t know God would call me, have me serve for a few years and then call me out to proclaim His Gospel of Grace! It was scary, it was lonely, and it still is at times, but I know my message, I know my ministry, my inner circle is AWESOME, my lifestyle is abundant and most of all I know the voice of God in my life!!! He and His voice hasn’t failed me yet and I know He won’t fail me now!!!

So stop being afraid, step out, take a chance at being criticized and ostracized; will it hurt? Heck YES! But I’d rather have this kind of hurt than the kind of hurt that comes with not “walking in His will for my life”! I can truly say I live a Life of Liberty, I Live a life of Love and I live a life for Christ!!! Don’t let man hold you in bondage, because when their lives aren’t up to par, they will, and unfortunately some will keep you in bondage just to keep their pews crowded and their churches full!

No, I’m not trying to bash Christian’s (Heck, I’m one), but it is time to stop playing church games and do what God has called us to do; TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER UNCONDITIONALLY, not to just love one another because we go to church together, or because we support each other’s conferences or programs, or because you are a member of my church and pay tithes and offerings; but love unconditionally!!! BY THIS (LOVE) THEY WILL KNOW YOU ARE MY DISCIPLES!!! (John 13:35)  

Remember God loves you and don’t ever let anyone ever tell you He doesn’t because of something you did or said! As long as you are a Child of God, His love is everlasting, His answers to your prayers are yes and Amen, and His Grace, Love and Mercy endures forever in your life!!!!

I love you and Remember,

You are Always In His Grace!

Godz Grace Girl,

Toinette Neube, MA Professional Counseling