It's not too late to make a "God-sized New Year Resolution" for "2015"!

Well it’s here, “2015” has made its entrance and I ‘m sure just like every other year we all have made our New Year Resolutions; whether it’s to lose weight, exercise more, or to start that business!

Well this year I’d like to challenge you make a God-sized New Year Resolution! What exactly is that? Well a God-sized New Year Resolution is a resolution that only God can make happen in your life; it can’t happen with any man-power, only insane courage and Faith in God! That’s right! It’s a resolution that can only happen by The Grace of God! A few examples may include: becoming debt free while your bills are showing years to be paid off, writing a book in a year while working full-time, going to school and taking care of your family, or building a church from scratch by years end; any and all of these resolutions would not only take an act of God, but they will also take prayer, dedication and insane courage! (That’s your part)!  

I know that you, just as I, have made resolution after resolution each year, and each year I depend upon self-effort to achieve them. Well this year I’d like to challenge you to make that God-sized resolution and depend upon God to see it through. I’m not saying you won’t have to put any action behind the resolution, but I am saying once you place the petition and prayer, leave the rest up to God and when He speaks to you, MOVE! If He doesn’t speak, then stay still and wait upon Him. The other thing that makes this resolution different from any other one you’ve made in years past, is that it’s not about having it completed by the end of the year! It’s all in God’s timing! All you have to do it begin!  

God is sooo good at giving us what we want and desire, we just need to get better at believing, taking Him at His Word and waiting!

Don’t worry, you aren’t doing this alone, I too have my God-sized resolution that I’m going to place before God and pray for enough insane courage to watch it come to fruition. I won’t reveal all the details of it right now, but I can tell you it has something to do with me taking a vow of silence and poverty!

At the end of the year, (or longer if that how long it takes) I’d love to hear your testimonies, what appears to be failure stories and of course your successes, because I know my God and He is not a man that He should lie! If He placed the dream or resolution in you, then I know it will come to past!

Remember as you start this year that this Christian walk is not about us, it’s always about God, but in His infinite giving Spirit, He loves us so much that He desires nothing from us but for us to accept Him, believe in Him, and to give back to others what He has so undeservingly given to us, His Love Grace and Mercy!

Love, Kisses and Teacups!!!
Always In His Grace!

Toinette Rose-Neube