Change what you Believe and Change your Life!

In the counseling field we call it CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and in Ministry we call it “Renewing your mind!” Regardless what you call it, “If you can change what you believe, you can change your life!

About 7 years ago The Lord brought the revelation of Freedom and Grace into my life, and once I caught ahold of the message in totality, I gained a whole new understanding and knowledge of John 1:17, “The law came by Moses, but Truth and Grace came through Jesus Christ!”

I have personally experienced the teachings of every denomination from Apostolic to Episcopalian and all have their areas of truth just like anything in life, but none of them have brought me to the place of understanding, knowledge, relationship and freedom like the teachings of The Grace of God!

Unfortunately many people believe that teachings and preaching on Grace gives people the freedom to sin and to not have any remorse about it. Well this type of thinking is not scripture, it’s only human. The Bible tells us in Romans 2:4, “The Goodness of God brings us to repentance…” Not the guilt of God, not the fear of God, not the condemnation of God, but the Goodness of God! Think about it in this manner, if you were the son or daughter of a king and you always feared being punished or judged by your father the king, would you want to willingly please him? I think not; you may even hold a grudge against him for how he treated you; but if you were the child of a king who gave you everything you desired and showered you with Goodness and kindness, would you want to hurt him by not doing his will? I think not, not only would you desire to please him, but you would probably go out of your way to worship him and show him your gratitude and thankfulness. Well the same is true for us as God’s children, He doesn’t desire that we obey Him out of fear, He desires that we obey Him out of Love, gratitude and thankfulness for all that He has done for us. He knows the plans He has for us, as it says in the book of Jeremiah, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”…, and even though God is speaking to the nation of Israel at that time about being redeemed after being in exile, He is a God of redemption and His desire is to see everyone redeemed and to come to Him, and to be redeemed in itself means you are destined to prosper, to be protected and to have a hopeful future all in the name of Jesus Christ!  

So today I encourage you, Embrace the Goodness of God in your life, recognize that God loves you, that He desire to do good for you and by you. Change the way you see God! Change what you believe about God and start Embracing His Love, Grace, and Mercy and “Change your Life!”

Love, Kisses and Teacups!
Always In His Grace,

Toinette Neube