Welcome to "2015", Another year filled with Grace!!!

Hello Beloveds,

Wow! A year has come and gone since I last wrote a blog! This was not my plan, but sometimes God changes direction in our lives and we just have to be willing to follow suit.

So many amazing things have happened in my life in "2014", from my husband retiring after 24 years in the Air Force, to my oldest son graduating from High School. The Grace of God has definitely found It’s place in our home!

While "2014" was a blessed year, "2015" will be even greater! The windows of Heaven have finally been open on The Word of "The Grace of God"; we are now just waiting on the doors and the floodgates to open. So many more Preachers and Pastors are preaching and teaching on "Grace" and I am excited about it!

As for “Nothing but the Grace of God” blogs, well they are back! I will be posting blogs at various times throughout the year, as well as reposting a few from "2013", and I pray they will bless you as much as they have and will continue to bless me! I pray you will find each blog to be filled with a Spirit of Freedom, Love, Mercy and yes most of all Grace; because those are the characteristics of Christ; and as the Bible tells us in John 1:17, “The Law was given by Moses, but Grace and Truth came through Jesus Christ!

It’s great to be back and I will speak with you all in "2015"!

Love, Kisses and Teacups! (Yes, I love Teapots and Teacups)  
Always In His Grace!

Toinette Rose-Neube