Do you really want to see your life change? Start by doing this one thing…

For years I’d been living in what I call a state of religiosity or bondage, and like a slave, I didn’t realize how much in bondage I was in until I was set free!

I’d been praying out loud to the Lord, praying in silence to the Lord, fasting before the Lord, tithing, and being a faithful church goer for years to obtain the abundant life I was promised once I was saved, but it seemed as if nothing had really changed in my PHYSICAL life. Yes, I can sit here and tell you that my church attendance increased, my circle of church friends increased and my Christian vernacular had increased. “I’m blessed and highly favored!” “Praise the Lord!”, “I serve a mighty God who is able!” (etc.), but in reality my everyday life had not really changed.

It was not until I did one thing that my life took a 360 degree turn, and that one thing was I started receiving God’s goodness in my life! I stopped feeling guilty for my sins, I stopped condemning myself for not doing “church things”, I stopped judging others who weren’t in church every Sunday, I stopped gossiping, I decreased my circle of friends, church and secular, and most of all I stopped focusing on my own actions and what I was and was not doing right or wrong and I started focusing on what Christ had done, was doing and will continue to do for me! In a nutshell, I BEGAN TO RECEIVE CHRIST’S GOODNESS IN MY LIFE!

So my prayer for today is that you stop being so hard on yourself, stop condemning yourself, stopping thinking you have to be perfect in your Christian walk, forgive yourself when you fall short of His glory; first of all because you will fall each and every day, and secondly because He has already forgiven you! Now watch your life catapult to a more abundant life!  

I don’t make too many promises, but this is one promise I can make, if you would begin to take your mind off of yourself and what you are doing (that’s right, what you THINK you are doing for Christ) I can promise you that your life will make a major shift for the better; and If you really want to please Christ, the only thing He asks of you is to HAVE FAITH IN HIM, nothing more nothing less. HEBREWS 11:6, tells us “And it is impossible to please God without faith!”

So stop focusing on yourself and begin to focus on what He had done, is doing and will do for you, and I PROMISE HIS GRACE, MERCY AND LOVE WILL OVERWHELM YOUR LIFE SO MUCH until it won’t have a choice to do anything, but change!!!!

Forever In His Grace,

Toinette Neube